Superman II (1980) ซุปเปอร์แมน 2

15 Feb

Superman 2 ซุปเปอร์แมน 2

Superman II (1980)
 Main articles: Superman II and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Shooting of the two films was marred by Donner s bad relationship with the Salkinds , with Richard Lester acting as mediator.[2] With the film going over-budget , the filmmakers decided to temporarily cease production of II and move that film s climax into the first film.[1][2] Despite Superman s success , Donner did not return to finish Superman II , [2] and it was completed with Lester , who gave the film a more tongue-in-cheek tone. The Salkinds also cut Brando for financial reasons , [1] while John Williams quit as composer due to turning his attention to other projects.[1] Superman II was another financial and critical success , despite stiff competition with Raiders of the Lost Ark in the same year. In 2006 , after receiving many requests for his own version of Superman II , Richard Donner and producer Michael Thau produced their own cut of the film and released it on November 28 , 2006. The new version of the film received positive response from critics[4] and the stars of the original film. [edit]Superman III (1983)


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